Discusión entre pares / 15 yr female, how to proceed?

15 yr female, how to proceed?
  • Aymen Elbatran Enchondroma
    MRI to confirm

  • Mohamed Amr Enchondroma with possible 2ry ABC transformation ..

  • Mohamed Amr For extended curretage .. crushing & strut fibular graft .. 

    May u dont have to graft it in this age

  • Rudy Kwang what is the use of MRI in this case? just do curretage and bone graft and get histopathology exam
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  • Osama Samir Mohamed Follow Eniking Q …. lytic lesion .. involving epi – meta – diaphysis of proximal phalanx .. ill defined .. massive expansion and cortical destruction .. soft tissue swelling .. no soap bubble .. no honey comb .. no periosteal reaction.. no calcification

    to me it is malignant lesion … please confirm the progess of the condition from the history..

    enchondroma is excluded due to the massive destruction of the cortex with no calcification 

    complete the metastatic work up then go ahead towards biopsy
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  • Rudy Kwang Osama Samir Mohamed only 1% of enchondroma transform to malignant according to WHO tumor. a single enchondroma in phalanx is mostly benign. unless there is presence of angioma of soft tissue which refers to mafucci syndrome, then we need to worry. this is an agressive/atypical type of enchondroma
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  • Arnab Sinha Fnac? ?

  • Mohamed Amr No cortical destruction .. its scalloping & expansion .. 

    Its aggressive type of 2ry ABC

  • DrBahaa Yahya No need for MRI I think. Curretage and graft then histology
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  • Gamal Abdel Spins ventouse “”TB of the phase heal bone””

  • Gamal Abdel TBOf the phalanx ..spina ventosa

  • Swapnil Keny Spina ventosa is a fusiform ballooning of the bone. This is bone destruction with a significant soft tissue shadow on X-ray 
    One needs an MRI and a Needle biopsy both. If this is a malignant tumour,the treatment is a ray amputation .

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