“Soap Bubble” Lesion of the Middle Phalanx: Enchondroma or Epitheloid Hemangioma


Introduction: Epitheloid hemangioma, a benign vascular tumor that arises in skin and soft tissues can also involve the skeletal system. Occasionally this has been reported from small tubular bones of the hand.
Case Report: Authors report a case of epitheloid hemangioma of the middle phalanx in a young girl without any cutaneous manifestations. The lesion presented as a swollen middle finger, and plain radiographs showed a geographic area of destruction with cortical thinning and intra lesional calcifications. The case was managed by curettage and bone grafting. Histology confirmed this as a case of epitheloid hemangioma.
Conclusion: Epitheloid hemangioma should be considered in the differential diagnosis of hand masses with expansile lytic lesions with cortical thinning.
Keywords: Hand; Vascular tumor; Enchondroma; Epitheloid hemangioma.

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